About FCP

Publish Your Book Your Way
Publish Your Book Your Way

Full Circle Press LLC is dedicated to assisting writers, corporations and nonprofit organizations in the business of independently publishing their work.

We offer the following:

  • Tutorials and workshops to guide you on your chosen publishing path.
  • Individual consultations with FCP founder Sonja Hakala on writing, publishing and marketing your work. You can contact her personally by email Sonja@FullCirclePress.com.
  • For writers who choose to take control of their own careers, there’s lots of fingers-on-the-keyboard advice at hand in Publish Your Book Your Way: A Workbook and Guide to the Business of Independent Publishing.

Founded in 2007 by author and book publishing professional Sonja Hakala, Full Circle Press LLC supports the work of authors, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

One thought on “About FCP”

  1. I don’t see a contact link on your site so I’ll use this: A friend sent me your posting from the Upper Valley List re: a workshop at River Bend in Bradford. Your posting says “April 3” but River Bend’s site says “April 2.” You may want to clarify.

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