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What Do Indie Authors Really Want?

TOF-front cover onlyOne of the great attractions of a good travel website or book are the ratings for accommodations, places to eat and places to visit. Let’s face it, we all notice a one-star vs. a five-star rating.

But how do we rate book distribution agreements for independent authors? What are our criteria?

Recently, the website Digital Book World did an interesting survey of indie authors about why we do what we do. Going into the survey, most folks thought that the number one reason to indie publish would be higher royalty rates.

That was number two, as it turned out.

The number one reason why indie authors publish their own work is—creative control. (It’s certainly my number one reason to independently publish my own books.)
TRU-2015 front cover only
Now most folks would define creative control to mean that indie authors choose their own book covers, titles, and how the insides of their books look.

But in indie publishing, creative control means far more than that. The creative control exerted by an independently publishing author extends into the very heart and soul of the business of publishing. Within the traditional industry, that heart and soul is called distribution—the control of pricing, control of the stream of financial information, where and how to sell a book, and control of the printing process.